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      Department of Deliciousness, September 2017 The Department often goes off the beaten path to obtain simple yet classic foods. Telway System has been in business since the 1940s and restaurants do not persist like this unless they are delicious. We visited late in the evening...More

    thumb Limpiaverde

      Cheeseburger (sliders) - YUM...Onion rings - oy vey - YUM YUM Even the mini fish sandwiches are good. I was driving by and said to myself, hmmm THIS looks like I gotta try it. Just wishing it was closer than a 2 hour plane ridge...More

    thumb JEAN P

      This is old school Detroit burger place, very small, a little grungy, in a bit of a sketchy neighborhood. Not bad in the daytime. Used to be dozens of similar places all over Detroit area. Like a White Castle, but has its own taste and...More

    thumb Daddin458

      Almost every time I work in Detroit I try to stop at Telway......great sliders, cheap coffee, great fries, tasty donuts and some of the most entertaining fellow customers one could ever hope for. Every visit is an adventure!!

    thumb Duccy

      I used to get 2 coneys and 4 burgs to go because I don't care for the burgers if you eat inside because the grease doesn't soak in the right way, but the other day I had 2 coneys inside and man they blew the take home versions away but they are still great. Coneys are way better than any other coney place in Michigan including Lafayette and National. Sliders are way better than any other place in Michigan including Brays and Bates. White Castle comes in second best to this place. Brays is nasty!

    You might want to make sure they are busy for the best quality burgers and onion ratio. I've been there and it's always busy and the burgers are always great. Today for some reason it wasn't and the onions were way overdone and just tasted like pieces of yarn soaked in salt. Blah. Tell them not so well done onions will probably help out! Cheers!

    thumb Tony P.

      I have never eaten here before, and after a Yelp Event, I figured I would swing in here for a bite to eat. I was pleasantly surprised to dine at this fine establishment, and actually ran into two other Yelpers while here that went after the event as well!

    I didn't know what to get, but going strictly off Nick's review, I knew I was going to like it.  I went with 3 burgers and an orange crush.  I didn't realize just how big the burgers were, and probably should have only gotten two.  Oh well, I ate them all, and really enjoyed it.

    Now mind you, these are what I call "old school" burgers. Stuff from way back when that's so bad for you, yet tastes so good.  Stuff that they served back in like the 50's. Before we cared about health.  Now we all want top notch beef that's organic and free range. Definitely not here.  H

    I can't describe what it was like, but it was fat greasy goodness.  The staff here was working hard, and the prices were dirt cheap.  For all 3 burgers with a pop, I was out the door $5.50.  I do admit, seating here is tight at best, so be prepared to sit on top of one another. Not much room up in this piece.  I did end up paying for my food afterwards, which I thought was odd, but hey, whatever works.

    Overall, I really liked it here. I obviously couldn't eat here all the time, but it was well worth the trip.  Will be back when I'm on this side of town!  Also, this place is strictly cash only! Please make sure to bring some bills so you don't get hosed.

    thumb Amy B.

      Visited on Thanksgiving, because Burgers are better than Turkey when it comes to actually cooking the food.  Fast service, plus a Motown tradition for decades, this is a must stop if you're visiting the D.

    thumb Michael L.

      What a cool place. This January 12th this place will be 60 years old. They take your order with the simple pen and paper. They offer chocolate milkshake that is better than a Wendy's frosty. The server/ owner is very personable. If your craving sliders fries and a shake this is the place to go. They are open 24/7 and on holidays and only closed on Christmas. The staff know the employees by name.  Burger option with pickle, cheese or grilled onion.
    They are also known for their pies: apple, banana cream, cherry you name it. This place is low cost and cool service.
    Note- if you need a restroom go to CVS by the pharmacy because they do not have a restroom. Will definitely be back.

    thumb Cijay A.

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