The Telway - Fast food restaurant, coffee house in Detroit

      Department of Deliciousness, September 2017 The Department often goes off the beaten path to obtain simple yet classic foods. Telway System has been in business since the 1940s and restaurants do not persist like this unless they are delicious. We visited late in the evening...More

    thumb Limpiaverde

      Cheeseburger (sliders) - YUM...Onion rings - oy vey - YUM YUM Even the mini fish sandwiches are good. I was driving by and said to myself, hmmm THIS looks like I gotta try it. Just wishing it was closer than a 2 hour plane ridge...More

    thumb JEAN P

      This is old school Detroit burger place, very small, a little grungy, in a bit of a sketchy neighborhood. Not bad in the daytime. Used to be dozens of similar places all over Detroit area. Like a White Castle, but has its own taste and...More

    thumb Daddin458

      Almost every time I work in Detroit I try to stop at Telway......great sliders, cheap coffee, great fries, tasty donuts and some of the most entertaining fellow customers one could ever hope for. Every visit is an adventure!!

    thumb Duccy

      Best sliders on the planet!  These are real deal sliders, the rest of the world needs to take note of what Telway is doing because you can't beat Telway sliders.  The coney's are delicious as well.  The best part is they are 24/7 and nothing hits the spot like some fantastic little greasy burgers after a bunch of drinks!

    thumb Matt R.

      The food here is so good in comparison to other fast food joints! And so cheap! And I love that they are open 24/7, as my boyfriend and I both work night shifts often.
    Note* this is a cash only establishment.

    thumb Kim E.

      So as a disclaimer I ate here completely sober, 2pm on a Sunday. My friend has been telling me since I moved to Madison Heights a couple years ago that I need to eat here. I was hungry driving by and so why not give it a shot? I had a cheeseburger and a coney dog. I would best describe the cheeseburger as an artesian white castle burger. Same bun, same lack of flavor and same steamed texture. Coney dog was more of the same, at least the dog was cooked on a grill rather than boiled. If it was 2:30am and I had a belly full of jameson I would probably order a whole sack of these to maximize my morning of regret for all of what just happened.

    thumb Michael P.

      Since I was a young kids I've been eating grapes these greasy sliders and coneys. It's hard to find someone who does it better. The tel way is a true gem. Love the take out window. Great sliders. Great coneys. Period.

    thumb Adam M.

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