The Telway - Fast food restaurant, coffee house in Detroit

      I recently ate at Telway based on burger reviews in Detroit. I’m glad that I did. Telway is a local burger joint with much history. There is no where to sit. The burgers arrive fast and are tasty. The value is great as burgers only...More

    thumb GarfieldGill

      Department of Deliciousness, September 2017 The Department often goes off the beaten path to obtain simple yet classic foods. Telway System has been in business since the 1940s and restaurants do not persist like this unless they are delicious. We visited late in the evening...More

    thumb Limpiaverde

      Cheeseburger (sliders) - YUM...Onion rings - oy vey - YUM YUM Even the mini fish sandwiches are good. I was driving by and said to myself, hmmm THIS looks like I gotta try it. Just wishing it was closer than a 2 hour plane ridge...More

    thumb JEAN P

      Cheeseburger (sliders) - YUM...Onion rings - oy vey - YUM YUM Even the mini fish sandwiches are good. I was driving by and said to myself, hmmm THIS looks like I gotta try it. Just wishing it was closer than a 2 hour plane ridge...More

    thumb JeanP28

      Food 5
    Ambience 4
    Service 4
    Timing 4

    Those sliders are so damn good with the pickles and grilled onions. The coneys are decent but that's not what you should order from here.

    This place looks like a renovated cargo train. It's VERY small inside and not the prettiest place to eat.  I like small and cozy though. It makes it easier to pig out on sliders without being witnessed.

    Service was decent during my visits. That girl was cooking takeout sliders for multiple people as well as for me.

    The food usually takes 10-15 minutes to cook. I wish they had pre-made sliders so there would be less of a wait.

    thumb Susan M.

      Chili with beans has to be the best small joint chili around. Also had 2 coneys. The chili sauce was nice and runny. The dogs were deep fried and placed on a nice soft bun I had light onion and mustard. There's counter seating facing the prep area and also counter seating facing the street. They serve Pepsi product. I got water I'm just not a Pepsi drinker or they're other products. This is definitely a local joint because the locals were there. I got caught up with the gossip but I don't live there so I try not to be rude so I sit and nod. The staff in there are definitely hard workers. The carry out here is constant busy. The girl working the counter was exhausted but it never stopped her from her hard work and friendly manner. A place to check out at least once. By the way the sliders are really good too. I've had them in the past.

    thumb Mark C.

      I've only been here once, I'll never go again. I cannot understand the hype of this place. They service was good, fast, and polite, the people were not the issue but I only ate one of their sliders and omg. I thought for sure I was gonna die. Never have I ever been more bloated from such a small amount of food in my entire life. My stomach hurt for the next 24hrs. Yuck.

    thumb Dawn B.

      Was pretty excited to try this place because I dig Tiny burger joints.  But I will NEVER got back here. Went in and the place was not very clean, few people at the counter talking to workers which I first ignored. I got a chicken sandwich and my bf got two sliders and we got fries. I kept trying to ask them what the total was so I knew how much cash to have out so I wouldn't have to dig through my purse and it was like pulling teeth. The food was alright, nothing special. Almost 100%sure it's all frozen that they just pull out and deep fry. What really got the one star was the workers and conversations happening. I get having regulars and really knowing them, but the amount of swearing, the whole conversation, everything was extremely off putting. I honestly just wanted to leave without even eating but I had already waited so long and was starving. I was just shocked at what the worker was saying, the language being used, and by the fact that she was having this conversation extremely loud. It's not a big place so you hear it all. I was so disappoint and disgusted.

    thumb Lauren P.

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